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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

We’re not even halfway through the year, yet the stage is set for a clash of the titans. First, we had only the Apple iPhone 5, released late last year which had enthusiasts and fanboys gushing over it till the Apple Maps fiasco came into light. Since then, there has been the brand new BlackBerry Z10, the super-sturdy HTC One and the latest entrant, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

We’ve experienced the previous three iterations and each has played a significant part in the smartphone revolution. Each Galaxy super-smartphone released has been deemed as the iPhone killer for that generation. This time, however, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had to contend not just with the Apple iPhone but the HTC One as well. Does it prove its mettle?

The basics

Since the first Galaxy that was released, most tech enthusiasts as well as common buyers intermittently complained that the devices just seem too fragile and ‘plasticky’. When company officials were asked about the build quality of the Galaxy S4, they just reiterated that the device is made with a polycarbonate body and left it at that. Given the fact that most users now believe that the aesthetics of a device is as important, if not more, as the functionality, Samsung might not be the device which is designed to impress, especially when compared to the build quality of the likes of the Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC One. Undoubtedly, it has a super-slim profile and is extremely light-weight, but half the time you’re just wondering if it’ll survive the accidental fall off your desk.

The Easy Way to Install OcPortal on HostGator

The global advancement of technology has given an ample advantage to just about every individual whose daily life is in relation to the use of technology. Different kinds of organization, individuals, and businesses take full advantage of internet use in order to make their industry work within an easy way. A lot of people choose to utilize online technology in order to accomplish their daily tasks. Therefore, businesses incorporate the application of online technology on their operation in order to reach a wide range of consumers, who could generate large sales and so as income to their businesses. The website content utilization has become very crucial to those businesses because it can identify their presence on the online world. The utilization of CMS or Content Management System is extensively advantageous for a lot of business in order to generate several visitors and viewer to their websites. One of the programs that are used to boost leads to these online businesses is the ocPortal, which could be the aid to units that utilize internet technology.

ocPortal Defined

ocPortal is a CMS that allows users to create and operate their interactive and dynamic website from the easily navigating administration interface. The term means Online Corporate Portal (ocPortal). It is a free and open sourcing CMS that is written through PHP, which is based on backend database of MySQL. That is why it also contains innumerable Social and HTML5 features, which are usually required to build a sophisticated and modern website. This kind of CMS is considered to be distinctive because it is supported by the blend of diverse and large scope of functionality. It also includes an out-of-the-box ability and usability for a limitless customization. It backs up innumerable kinds of content including galleries/news, newsletter, and a lot more. Furthermore, it also helps powerful integrating media. The ocPortal social features include WIKI, member blogs, chat rooms, content commenting or rating, and forums.

Features Found From ocPortal

• Powerful media support
• Theme wizard
• Blogs
• Forums
• Instant messaging, shout-out boxes, chat rooms
• Social media syndication
• Automatic site map generation
• RSS support and atom
• Highly web complaint standards
• Media galleries include elective water marking
• Section for self-extracting installer
• Newsletters and news
• Web banners

Another great feature you can find from this platform is that you can install it on HostGator. HostGator provides QuickInstall feature from which you could install easily a number of open source platforms on your corresponding HostGator account. For this, you will be able to install ocPortal on HostGator without too much effort. The following will tell you how you can install the ocPortal on HostGator properly:

1. The first thing you should do is to login into the HostGator control panel through your password and username.

2. Then press the QuickInstall button that you’ll view below the Services/Software section.

3. Next, click on the ocPortal link that is found on the navigation panel’s left side.

4. Click on the “Continue” button.

5. After which, you have to key in all the required details.

After you have filled out all the information, hit the button “Install Now!” After doing all these steps, you will be given your username account and password. This is how you install the ocPortal on HostGator.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How Affordable Digital Menu Software Can Generate Serious Profits

The restaurant menu as we know it is about to change. In all honesty, it’s a rather boring menu anyways. It’s made from paper, stock card, or in cheesier instances, laminated stock card. For the most part, the restaurant menu is entirely inept; it forces the reader to imagine what entrees might look like. It rarely offers pairing options for drinks. There is no level of interactivity to it whatsoever, and it almost never invokes a mental response. But there’s a solution in store that represents that wave of the future with the restaurant menu: digital menu software.

What is a Digital Menu?

A digital menu is a restaurant menu made digital. It can be hosted on Android powered or Apple powered tablets to enable Android menus or iPad menus. Guests are instead handed a digital menu tablet that’s replete with functions, features, interactivity and a desirable touch screen interface that’s easy and fun to navigate. The digital menu is powered by software on the backend that’s just as user friendly—making it fun to create dazzling menus, and that also enables real-time updates on the fly, menu rotation and many other features and functions.

Vivid, Brilliant Imagery

Digital menu software can skyrocket sales. Numerous studies indicate that pictures of food sell more food. Up until recently, it was difficult to breach that gap and offer picture as a high end eatery. With a digital menu, however, you can feature high-resolution pictures of menu items along with detailed descriptions that actually sell more food, especially high value menu items.

Top Branded Logo

Branding is a big concern for most restaurants. How can you get your customers to remember your name? With digital menus, a top branded logo drives home the name brand. The digital menu software can feature logos that help customers better remember the establishment, and they can also feature specials and even app QR codes as well.

Side-Scrolling Linear Specials

The side of the screen on digital menus can feature high-value specials and add-ons for customers to consider. These sales grabbers are big time money makers for most restaurants already. By featuring them in plain site during navigation, sales naturally go up in this respect.

Wine & Beer Pairing Options

Wine, beer and liquor sales comprise a significant portion of profits for most restaurants that offer such beverages. With interactive wine and beer paring options being featured on the menus, customers are more inclined to order drinks. Factor this to every order, and you can see how digital menus have the propensity to drive more sales (and generate increased profits).

Social Media Sharing Features

The average person has about 100 Facebook friends and Twitter followers. With digital menu software, Facebook and Twitter sharing features encourage guests to share their dining experience with their friends. It’s a form of free, effective and viral advertising that money simply is unable to buy. Can you imagine how many friends are immediately informed about your restaurant from just one Facebook status update or Tweet?

Top Ways Technology Can Help You Create an Ecofriendly Business

Whether you agree that global warming is real and want to do your part to help it slow down, or are just looking for a new way to market your products and services, taking steps to make your business more eco-friendly can help you achieve both of those things. When you are looking for ways to make your business eco-friendly you can use government regulations, incentive programs, and green focused architect and real estate contractors to help you find the right upgrades for your business. One of the most common categories of eco-friendly upgrades are technological upgrades.

While these upgrades usually require some capitol for the initial investment you will start to see the money saving incentives shortly after converting to the newer technology. Like any good business decision, technology upgrades will be good for your bottom line in the end. These are some of the most common tech upgrades companies are making today.

Any business large or small needs energy to run their facilities. Whether you are a full scale manufacturing operation or just a small storefront, your business needs power to run even the most basic elements of business. Many of the most common energy sources like coal and petroleum based fuel, rely on materials that are traded on the world market and whose prices can be extremely unstable. Making the investment to install an energy source at or near your place of business will make your company more self-sufficient and you will not need to rely on a potentially unstable market for something as vital to your day to day operations as energy. There are a number of alternative energy sources to choose from but perhaps the most common are solar and wind power. Installing solar panels or a windmill will definitely require upfront capitol but you will see your energy costs go down over time.
If you are a small business that does not have the kind of money to invest required for major technology upgrades that does not mean you have to forget about becoming more eco-friendly. There are dozens of small upgrades and technology policies you and partake in that cost little to no money at all. One of the easiest technology changes you can make that will save you money is to start using technology more. Try to communicate as much as you can by email instead of distributing memos around the office. Throughout the day power down any unnecessary technology that is not needed. Simply by turning off the computers in your office every night before you leave, you will be saving energy, and saving money too.

As the lights around your office burn out, replace them with newer more energy efficient bulbs to reduce your energy costs. For a greater impact more quickly, invest in replacing all the bulbs in your workplace at once. Some new energy efficient lighting, like LED lights, seem expensive but when you consider they last around twelve to fifteen years, it becomes clear that they are well worth the money.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Technology Breakthroughs; The Ipod

If you have been thinking of purchasing and iPod for some time now, with the release of the new iPod MP3 player it is now time for you to make your purchase. This is because these new iPods are lighter and thinner than they have ever been before. However, the biggest model still has 80GB of memory. This model is actually still much smaller than the smallest walkman that was ever available in the past.

What You Should Know About Video - If you are looking to purchase an iPod for its great video, then you will not be disappointed. The iPod video is not just for kids either. With your iPod player you can do more than listen to music, you can also watch many of your favorite shows, music videos and full length movies. All you have to do is download it into a central location so that you can easily access it whenever you are ready. You will then find that the larger screen that is now available with the latest version of the iPod will make it easier and much more enjoyable to watch your videos. Another great thing that you can do is download audio books and other audio files. Once you get yourself all set up, you may actually be surprised by just how great your iPod really is.

The Great Things That You Can Purchase For Your iPod - You should also know that there are a lot of iPod accessories available as well. Some of the accessories that are now available include: a universal clock, a contact book and a lot of different games that you will enjoy playing. You can also store your favorite photos on your iPod now so that you will have them with you whenever you would like to show them off. These photos can be stored in full size thumbnails, which you can then organize into slide shows.

There are a lot of great advantages to owning the latest version of the iPod. This is because there have been so many great improvements that have been made with this version. For this reason almost everyone will discover that this is a very appealing iPod.

Add to it the wide variety of choices that you will have for entertainment and the battery that holds 20 hours of life, which is very important if you are going to be using your iPod everyday, and you will find that this is a very nice iPod indeed. Of course, there are also some drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage to this new version of the iPod is that the surface can be easily scratched. However, as this is the only real drawback to this version of the iPod, you should still go ahead and make your purchase. You will simply need to be a little more careful with how you use it.

Careers In Radiologic Technology (x-ray)

The field of radiologic (x-ray) technology offers an excellent career option to those interested in the allied health field. An x-ray technician, or radiologic technologist, is the individual responsible for performing diagnostic x-ray procedures in hospitals, physician offices, and outpatient imaging centers.

The training period for an x-ray technologist is usually 2-4 years in an accredited college or hospital based radiologic technology program. Training will be split between classroom instruction and hands on clinical training in a healthcare setting. The x-ray student will obtain a thorough working knowledge of radiographic physics and anatomy, radiation safety, proper patient positioning and technique, quality control, and darkroom skills. In addition, the student will receive instruction in infection control, sterile technique, body mechanics, and patient privacy. The successful student will also possess good communication skills and demonstrate an ability to quickly adapt to different situations.

On completion of training, the x-ray technologist will be eligible to take a national registry examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This is a comprehensive examination which will address many of the skills required of the x-ray technologist. Successfully passing the registry examination will allow the student to add the designation RT to their name to signify that they are credentialed as a registered radiologic technologist. Many states will also require a state licensure for radiologic technologists. The requirements for state licensure and continuing education will vary from state to state, however licensure is generally necessary for employment in states that require it.

The employment prospects for radiologic technologists will tend to remain strong due to the health care needs of our aging population. While most x-ray technicians are employed by hospitals, a significant number are employed by freestanding imaging centers and outpatient clinics. Others may find employment in private physician offices such as orthopedic or urologic practices, portable x-ray services, or in sales support.

The x-ray technician has a number of opportunities for advancement by acquiring proficiency in specialized diagnostic imaging areas. Among them are MRI, Cat Scan, Mammography, and interventional radiology. These fields require specialized training that may be acquired through on the job training or additional college or trade school based programs. The technician will be eligible to take an additional registry examination for the specialties listed above that will identify them as proficient in that area. Generally speaking the more specialties an x-ray technologist can demonstrate proficiency in, the greater the employment options are.

Don’t Blame Technology - Use It!

While many question the high quality of standardized diagnostic tests, the declining scores signal that a little something requires change. There are numerous more aspects that may lead to lower scores, however for right now, we look at the internet. Young teens in this country have always had received internet access. Some profess that without the requirement to research via a collection of handbooks our college students have turned become lazy.

Today the University Board's reports are revealing a decline in our students scores as well as suggesting the decline is due to a reduced need to research. Over the years the influence of the web on our kids is considered, by some, as harmful to their memorization, reading as well as composing talents.

Potentially we should be looking at what we, as parent or guardians and tutors, can accomplish to make certain that essential skills are excelled in by our kids. Absolutely, instruction is desired in the ocean of data that is on the internet.

We may always function to assist our high school children to brush up on basic abilities.This accomplishment is easier to start when they are younger. This was my purpose when we determined to supply our 2 year grandson with an iPad. I set out wading through the seas of apps available. It is an entertaining voyage. It is a voyage I am delighted to make.

Finding luring, informative apps for youngsters takes some major work. It has turned out to be actually worth it for me. The search led me to construct a website devoted to featuring the type of quality apps that I found for our young one, as well as share that info with other parents or guardians and caregivers. Over a year after providing the iPad with exceptional apps I am content to state he makes use of it every day.

There are several wonderful apps for children out there. Apps that are so alive with energy that children get captured up in them. The great news is they are learning the whole while. There are apps that teach the alphabet as well as supplying projects and fulfilling praise to the little ones the whole while. I discover the creativeness in apps educating numbers as well as shapes, handwriting and more. As for memorization, flash card apps are readily available that are actually full of color as well as positive reinforcement throughout the encounter.

Another favorite of mine is book apps. These reinforce reading skills so well. There are choices for kids to choose to be read to, while they hear as well as view the words highlighted. They are seeing as well as hearing the words utilized in context. Youngsters can tap the images on the page and see and hear the word for it pop up on the screen. These handbooks are a wealth of info that also assist in social skills.

In more components of the sea of apps, there are intros to song, arts, and more. The selections grow as children do, immediately, from a novice degree to innovative tools. By having the ocean of details obtainable, advice is what our youngsters require. Technology is right here to stay and repeatedly growing. Our mission is to offer our children the leading devices obtainable to boost their abilities in all areas of life.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

We’re not even halfway through the year, yet the stage is set for a clash of the titans. First, we had only the Apple iPhone 5, released la...